4 Reasons Why Companies Hire OTT Consultants

Over the past decade, we’ve helped hundreds of media clients launch their OTT video streaming services. But we noticed that companies, large or small, would ask us the same questions over and over:

  1. How do I drive app awareness and downloads of my OTT app?
  2. When users find my app, how do I maximize conversions and engagement?

We founded 43Twenty on the goal of helping media companies answer these two fundamental questions. And since launching the company, these are the top-four reasons why companies really need OTT consultants.

They want a Fresh Perspective

Consultants provide fresh perspectives. Outsiders can look at a problem in a new, unbiased way. When dealing with a personal issue, you may turn to friends and family for their opinions. Companies often need this too, especially when faced with making critical decisions. Many times, clients have a perspective on how to solve the problems they’re facing, however they need validation that their thinking is correct, or that they aren’t too close to the challenge that they’re overlooking the obvious answer. So they turn to consultants to come in and provide their opinion.

And because consultants work with many different companies, they may have already worked through this problem with someone else and can provide valuable perspective based on what they’ve seen work, or not. Given this experience, consultants can often bring new and innovative ideas or identify potential problems that clients might not have been able to see on their own.

They Need Extra Horsepower

Occasionally, problems companies need solving are very important, but they don’t necessarily have the resources to dedicate to them. Companies still have to focus on day-to-day operations and new projects and initiatives often require reprioritizing employees’ core job responsibilities. But hiring new employees to fill these gaps doesn’t always make sense as some of these projects are on-offs and clients might struggle to get the personnel in place to do the work.

Consultants serve as temporary, high-skilled employees that can augment your staff. Sometimes a company discovers it can save thousands of dollars a week by bringing us on rather than hiring someone new. Plus, companies can save additional money since they don’t have to pay benefits to the consultants they hire.

Since we switch around companies often, we’re used to fast learning curves and on-boarding us is simply easier. By using consultants, companies don’t have to pull employees away from their day-to-day jobs.

They Want Specialized Skills

Perhaps the most common reason that companies hire consultants is to gain access to a specialized skill that might not exist in-house. For example, traditional media companies historically haven’t had to think about acquiring or retaining subscribers. By engaging a consultancy, you get access to seasoned experts. These specialists would not only be expensive to hire, but the company might not have enough work to keep employees busy throughout the year. Thanks to consultants, companies can bring in that skill set on-demand when they need it.

They Want a Safe Zone

Sometimes, when companies work on challenging problems or a controversial project, it can be difficult for them to make the necessary decisions or actions without getting wrapped up in emotions or bureaucracy. A consultant can act as a catalyst for change. No one likes change, especially in corporate America but sometimes change is needed. So they bring in consultants to provide an unbiased view of the situation and implement any required changes.

Consultants can provide the back-up and confirmation for a client that is attempting to run with a new idea that might not be well-received within an organization without any risks to our day jobs, career, or other issues that get in the way when a company’s trying to facilitate change.

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